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initially i tried to implement the ajaxify jQuery plugin (http://max.jsrhost.com/ajaxify/) but i couldn't get that working and the latest update was 2008 so i thought perhaps it was outdated. for references sake i also came across http://jnavigate.com/.

i then came across https://github.com/browserstate/ajaxify (ajaxify a website with the html5 history api using history.js, jquery and scrollto) which looks fantastic but as a relative newb i don't know how to get it running.


my aim is to load all #menu and #div_one links in the #content area and have a fade in effect occurring as the content loads (this seems to be the default behaviour for the script).

what i've tried

i've uploaded the scripts (history.js, ajaxify-html5.js and jquery.scrollto.min.js) and linked to them (and jquery as well),

in ajaxify-html5.js i've tried changing:

contentSelector = '#content,article:first,.article:first,.post:first'


contentSelector = '#content'


$menu = $('#menu,#nav,nav:first,.nav:first').filter(':first')


$menu = $('#menu, #div_one').filter(':first')

as that is the area where i want the content to load and the div's where my links are (note: #menu links are in ul > li > a and #div_one is within #content).

i've also read this article.


and checked that the paths to my scripts are correct.

what my code looks like

this is what the variables section of my ajaxify-html5.js looks like:

// Prepare Variables
/* Application Specific Variables */
contentSelector = '#content',
$content = $(contentSelector).filter(':first'),
contentNode = $content.get(0),
$menu = $('#menu, #div_one').filter(':first'),
activeClass = 'active selected current youarehere',
activeSelector = '.active,.selected,.current,.youarehere',
menuChildrenSelector = '> li,> ul > li',
completedEventName = 'statechangecomplete',
/* Application Generic Variables */
$window = $(window),
$body = $(document.body),
rootUrl = History.getRootUrl(),
scrollOptions = {
duration: 800,

i also changed:

// Update the content
$content.html(contentHtml).ajaxify().css('opacity',100).show(); /* you could fade in here if you'd like */


// Update the content
$content.html(contentHtml).ajaxify().fadeTo(2500,1); /* you could fade in here if you'd like */

to see if i could get a visually recognisable way to see that is was working (i'm not sure if that is correct code though).


nothing seemed to change in the sites functionality in chrome or firefox after completing the above steps.

can anyone please tell me what needs to be modified to get this functionality working (and also perhaps once it is working how to tell that it is - i know the fade in should be obvious but perhaps if the content is already in the cache that effect won't appear)?

thank you.

update to provide more info as requested

site structure:

- sub_dir
 -- index.php
 -- includes
 ---- header.php
 ---- footer.php
 ---- page_one.php
 ---- page_two.php

the links are in header.php and index.php (in the divs #menu and #div_one resp.).

header.php code is:

<div id="menu">
<li><a href="http://path/to/page_one.php">page one</a></li>
<li class="second_row_menu"><a href="http://path/to/page_two.php">page two</a></li>

index.php code is:

<?php require( 'includes/header.php' ); ?>

<!-- home page content -->
<div id="content">
<div id="div_one">
<a href="http://path/to/page_one.php"></a>
<div id="div_two">
<a href="#"></a>
<div id="div_three">
<a href="#"></a>
<!-- end home page content -->

<?php require( 'includes/footer.php' ); ?>

in answer to questions:

  • this is running on live test site
  • the pages have .php extensions and contain php requires
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Hi, I'm the author of the article you mention above. With a little more information, I should be able to help. Can you post the HTML from 2 pages that you are trying to link between? Are you trying to run this locally at the moment? Are they static HTML pages? I noticed while I was putting the article together that it doesn't work when running static HTML files locally. It's a long shot but could this be your issue? –  Fraser Oct 30 '12 at 3:02
hi fraser, thank you very much, i have tried to make the code snips as succinct as possible and added them to the post above. thank you. –  user1063287 Oct 30 '12 at 3:39
Hi. So I took a quick look and everything appears to be fine with your code. Do you have firebug? A good way to check if the fade is happening is to pop it open and inspect your #content div. When you click the link, you should see the opacity change very rapidly in firebug –  Fraser Oct 30 '12 at 7:38
thank you for looking at that and offering a solution, i can tell now that the site is not 'ajaxified' as i have an audio sound outside of the #content area and it is reloading every time i navigate through the pages. in firebug i cannot see the calculated fade info so that also suggests that the ajax and fade are not being applied. unfortunately no live site link. thanks again for your assistance. –  user1063287 Oct 30 '12 at 11:54
one query, is there any benefit in trying to remove the 'filter' part of $content = $(contentSelector).filter(':first'), and $menu = $('#menu, #div_one').filter(':first'), to see if that would assist and if so would you mind showing me the syntax that it should follow with those parts removed? thank you. –  user1063287 Oct 30 '12 at 11:57

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