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I'm trying to build the carousel shown here http://www.eggrecipes.co.uk/mealsinminutes/ inside a Drupal website. I tried working with jcarousel, but I couldn't create/embed the fisheye effect. I then used Views jQFX, but then I couldn't have the titles of the nodes under the pictures.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions about any alternative modules or uses of the above tools.

Thank you.

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Perhaps you want to look at this comparison of Rotator/Slider modules.

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Thanks for this. I'll take a look. –  Athanasia Notta Oct 29 '12 at 15:03
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Did you try using the "Rewrite Results" feature to combine the image and title in custom markup?

Here's one way to apply just about any carousel/slideshow effect you want if you're comfortable with views themeing and javascript.

Start with a view that generates an unordered list that mimics the markup of the view you linked to. The in the views UI, go to your display, then "Advanced", then "Theme: Information". You could use either the display output or style output. Copy and paste the default template markup into a file, who's name is the last suggestion listed for that template. Save this into your theme folder. For example, "views-view--view-id--display-id.tpl.php" will override the display output.

Then, modify this template and use drupal_add_js() to include and initialize the JS library. Just about every carousel/slideshow script I've used had a simple example that I could start with. Point it at the ID of your list, clear your cache, and you're good to go!

Your example link uses mootools, but I'm sure there is something close for JQuery.

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