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void testFunction (id testArgument[]) {

I'm getting the error "Must explicitly describe intended ownership of an object array parameter". Why does ARC need me to specify the ownership type of the objects in the testArgument array?

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To expand on Jeremy's answer, ARC had two primary goals when designed:

  • make memory management as fully automatic as possible in pure Objective-C code while also preserving or maximizing efficiency (in fact, ARC can be more efficient than manual retain release).

  • require exactly specific declaration of memory management intent when crossing the boundary between C and Objective-C.

As well, the implementation of ARC is extremely conservative. That is, anywhere where the behavior has traditionally been "undefined", ARC will spew a warning.

Thus, in this case, the declaration of intent is required so that the compiler can apply a consistent and specific set of memory management rules to the contents of the array.

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Does that mean that ARC will manage memory for objects whose pointers are added to the C array? In other words, will ARC retain them when added and release them when replaced or when the C array is destroyed? Why isn't this like a struct where you must declare __unsafe__unretained to show that you're aware that the struct variable won't automatically manage ownership? – Binyamin Bauman Oct 29 '12 at 19:37
Also, aren't they automatically __strong which is the default for all unspecified pointers? – Binyamin Bauman Oct 30 '12 at 17:31

Because ARC needs to know whether to insert retain/release calls for you to avoid memory leaks.

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