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I have like 50 FTP servers in Filezilla. They used to be all in the root of the Site Manager. This was a problem every time i wanted to connect to one of them.

So I organized them manually into folders and categories. You can do this in the site manager, but i can't drag elements out of the view and the interface sucks.

So, the question is, is there a software that would allow me to visually organize an XML file? Create < elements > and move the nodes, etc.

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Agreed, Filezilla's interface is poor for moving sites between folders. I found a free solution, Microsoft's XML Notepad 2007, which did allow me to drag and drop nodes. This wasn't as simple as I hoped because Filezilla's nodes are named Server and Folder and I had to expand each Server node to see its Name attribute, but eventually it got the job done.

There are a bunch of other XML editors that might work better, but a lot of them cost money. You could check this thread for some options, or just Google "XML editor":

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Thank you very much! XML Notepad is a good option. It really does makes it easier and it's what I requested. – Nahuel Dec 4 '12 at 13:17

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