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I have sleekXMPP for python and I have used the API to create functions to send messages, although when I researched into receiving them I can't find anything, can someone please help me to work this out, or disprove the possibility. Thanks. Below is the code I used to send Messages, If its any help.

to = config.get('usermap', to[4:])
gmail_from_user = config.get('auth', 'email')
gmail_from_secret = config.get('auth', 'secret')

sys.stdout = stdouttmp
sys.stderr = stderrtmp
print "Sending chat message to " + to
xmpp = SendMsgBot(gmail_from_user, gmail_from_secret, to, message)
xmpp.register_plugin('xep_0030') # Service Discovery
xmpp.register_plugin('xep_0199') # XMPP Ping

sys.stdout = stdouttmp
if xmpp.connect(('', 5222)):
    sys.stdout = stdouttmp
    print("Unable to connect.")

sys.stdout = stdouttmp
sys.stderr = stderrtmp

btw I'm using a .cfg text file for the users email and password, along with some contacts, which is then parsed in

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I see that you're using the example. The intent of that example is how to reliably log in, send a single message, and then log out. Your use case is to both send and receive messages, so you would be better served looking at the example.

Notably, in order to receive a message you would do:

# in your __init__ method:
def __init__(...):
    # ...
    self.add_event_handler('message', self.recv_message)

def recv_message(self, msg):
    # You'll probably want to ignore error and headline messages.
    # If you want to handle group chat messages, add 'groupchat' to the list.
    if msg['type'] in ('chat', 'normal'):
        print "%s says: %s" % (msg['from'], msg['body'])

Again, you will need to switch from using the SendMsgBot example because it automatically disconnects after sending its message.

Don't forget that there is the chat room if you need any help.

-- Lance

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