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I want to be able to filter for ONLY initial GET request using tshark or tcpdump. This has to work for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. This is what I currently have...

tshark -R '(http.request.method == "GET") && (http.request.uri =="/")'

This returns GET request for all HTTP traffic but does nothing when I go to HTTPS sites. Any ideas would be great! thanks

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Unless you supply the private key of the server certificate to your monitoring box, you're out out luck with HTTPS. For unencrypted traffic, you may also consider the Bro approach to extract HTTP data. –  Matthias Vallentin Oct 30 '12 at 6:05

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"https" is HTTP-over-SSL/TLS-over-TCP. The "SSL/TLS" part means that the raw TCP segments contain encrypted data, so they don't, for example, contain the string "GET" (unless, by pure accident, something happens to encrypt to a sequence of bytes that includes 0x47 0x45 0x54).

This means that any program doing filtering will have to decrypt the data in the stream. tcpdump doesn't support decrypting SSL/TLS; Wireshark/TShark can, in some cases, be configured to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic, if you can supply it with the information required to do so.

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