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What I'm trying to do is wirte linq expression which allows me to order my List<PropertyInfo> of some object by Custom attribute for example:

public class SampleClass{

   public string Name{ get; set; }
   public string Desc{get;set;}
   public int Price{get;set;}


public class CustomAttribute: Attribute{
    public string AttribName{get;set;}
    public int Index{get;set;}
    public CustomAttribute(string attribName,int index)
        AttribName = attribName;
        Index = index;

so far I was able to get all properties from my class named SampleClass:

List<PropertyInfo> propertiesList = new List<PropertyInfo>((IEnumerable<PropertyInfo>)typeof(SampleClass).GetProperties());

my tryed so far to sort this propertiesList (which btw doesn't work) :

var sortedPropertys = propertiesList
                (x, y) => ((CustomAttribute) Attribute.GetCustomAttribute((PropertyInfo) x, typeof (CustomAttribute))).AttribName 
                .CompareTo((((CustomAttribute) Attribute.GetCustomAttribute((PropertyInfo) y, typeof (CustomAttribute))).AttribName ))
                (x,y)=>((CustomAttribute) Attribute.GetCustomAttribute((PropertyInfo) x, typeof (CustomAttribute))).Index
                .CompareTo((((CustomAttribute) Attribute.GetCustomAttribute((PropertyInfo) y, typeof (CustomAttribute))).Index)))

Output List should be (I'll tell it only with PropertyInfo.Name):

property name: Name,Price,Desc

My question is: Is it possible to do that? And If yes how can I do this properly?

If you have some question pls ask (I'll do my best to answer every uncertainties). I hope description of problem is enough.

Thanks for advance:)

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var props = typeof(SampleClass)
    .OrderBy(p => p.GetCustomAttributes().OfType<CustomAttribute>().First().AttribName)
    .ThenBy(p => p.GetCustomAttributes().OfType<CustomAttribute>().First().Index)
    .Select(p => p.Name);

var propNames = String.Join(", ", props); 

OUTPUT: Name, Price, Desc

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I meant output List<PropertyInfo> in this order of property.Name :) and Yours solution doesn't work p.GetCustomAttributes() need argument bool –  harry180 Oct 29 '12 at 16:42
When I write same thing VS2010 can't figure out any method after p.GetCustomAttributes() because there is no parameterless method of GetCustomAttributes() –  harry180 Oct 29 '12 at 16:56
When I add parameter in method like this GetCustomAttributes(false) your answer work :) Thanks a lot :) –  harry180 Oct 29 '12 at 17:04

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