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I'm new to Java Config & am stuggling to convert a piece of Java based config to XML based config. Can anyone kindly guide me with the conversion. Many thanks!

@Scope(value="singleton", proxyMode=ScopedProxyMode.INTERFACES) 
public UsersConnectionRepository usersConnectionRepository(AccountRepository accountRepository) {
    JdbcUsersConnectionRepository repository = new JdbcUsersConnectionRepository(
        dataSource, connectionFactoryLocator(), Encryptors.noOpText());
    repository.setConnectionSignUp(new AccountConnectionSignUp(accountRepository));
    return repository;
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Ok, found out myself:

<bean id="usersConnectionRepository"
        <constructor-arg ref="jpaDataSource" />
        <constructor-arg ref="connectionFactoryLocator" />
        <constructor-arg ref="textEncryptor" />
        <property name="connectionSignUp" ref="accountConnectionSignUp" />

    <bean id="accountConnectionSignUp" class="path to AccountConnectionSignUp" />

This is for anyone's help. Thanks!

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