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it is now that to store N-dimensional data one can use k-d tries. My specific question is , what could be modified if we have fixed 3D space ( that is its boundaries does not change ) and incoming events with each one having the 4th dimension ( time ) constantly increasing . First thought is to use function f(t) = 1/2^t which would approach slowly zero .... Does that make sense ? :)

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What kind of queries do you want to do on the data?

Easiest would be a k-d tree for the spatial dimensions, and some simple ordered data-structure for the time. If there are very few items with the exact same spatial position, then a simple list should suffice.

new KDTree<double, List<Item>>(3)

where the Item type contains fields for both spatial and temporal positions.

If the number of spatially coinciding points could get larger, you could swap the list for a binary search tree.

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