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since a long time, i am looking for a pdf reader, which has a built-in look-up dictionary to read my e-books or pdf-docs in foreign languages.

However, i didn't find a product on windows environment, which has such functionality (i need german, spanish and english).

I want to click (or touch on my tablet pc) on a word and the translation should be shown 2 seconds long and then fade out.

Here, the usability is very important. I don't want any solution like "..select text->right click->choose language...". It has to work the easiest way, and the upper one is the one that i can imagine.

The first part of the question is: Is there such a product?

Probably, not 100%.

Second part of my question is: What would be the easiest way to implement this? Which open source pdf reader should i work on?

I am thinking about "Sumatra PDF" and open source dictionary databases. Do you have any suggestions for me to do this an easier way?

Thank you for your ideas/suggestions and sorry for my bad english. (The motivation of the goal is embedded in the text :)

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