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The following SQL:

SELECT DISTINCT a1,a2,a3.....an
FROM   R1,R2,R3......Rm
Where P
(P is any predicate)

I want to know what could possibly be its equivalent Relational Algebra. I think it might be something like this: πa1,a2,a3...an(σP(R1 U R2 U R3 ....U Rm). But again I am not sure whether I am correct. Can anyone help me with its correct equivalent in Relational Algebra?

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Take a good look in SQL what the commas stand for in the FROM clause, and then take a good look at what U (I suppose UNION ?) does in algebra.

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The commas in the FROM clause of an SQL expression represent the cross product.

So the equivalent relational algebra expression is:

π a1,a2,a3...an (σ P (R1 x R2 x ... x Rm))
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