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It is annoying typing full name of a class like
myNamespace.y.calendar cal = new myNamespace.y.calendar(); (because asp.net already has a class name called calendar in System.web.ui.webcontrolls). So to resolve this we can use like

using Calendar = myNamespace.y.calendar;
Calendar cal = new Calendar();

But how to do the same thing in asp.net aspx page?

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<%@ Import Namespace="Calendar=myNamespace.y.calendar" %>
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Thank, this really works... :) –  Surendhar Oct 29 '12 at 17:07

A little more info about Namespace Alias Qualifier. Just importing the namespace may not be sufficient if your class name is ambiguous with another class from a different namespace:

using colAlias = System.Collections;
namespace System
    class TestClass
        static void Main()
            // Searching the alias:
            colAlias::Hashtable test = new colAlias::Hashtable();

            // Add items to the table.
            test.Add("A", "1");
            test.Add("B", "2");
            test.Add("C", "3");

            foreach (string name in test.Keys)
                // Seaching the gloabal namespace:
                global::System.Console.WriteLine(name + " " + test[name]);
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