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I have tried to save an object to database:

Item = persistence.define('Item', {
imageUrl: "TEXT",

this is working,the imageUrl is set correctly:

var c = new Item({imageUrl: "a"});

this is not working, imageUrl is empty in the db

var c = new Item();
c.imageUrl = "a";

this is working:

var c = new Item();
c._data.imageUrl = "a";

Seems like a bug.

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What browser are you running this in? – Zef Hemel Oct 30 '12 at 10:30

I think I found the reason, If you are using jquery then you have to use: e. g. 

to set and 

to get attributs.

Can you please tell me where the documentation for such cases can be found?!topic/persistencejs/zph_wV1sEic

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