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I'm writing a multi step wizard in angularjs. On each step, I wish to save to the server, and progress to the next step in the the wizard.

Using simple links to progress to the next step, and saving to the backend server, is simple and it updates my location, maintaining browser history, but this approach violates the intent of GET being safe and idempotent.

I'm taking this approach instead;

$scope.progressToSetp2 = function() {

    $http.put('quote/' + $routeParams.quoteId, $scope.quote)....;

    $scope.OnAfterSubmit = function() {

$scope.includeFormPartial = 'partials/steptwo.html';

Is this a good approach? Are there better approaches?


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of course there are! why are you saving to the server in each step? it is not the angular way of thinking.

the best practice is to save the state in the scope and do local validation, and after finishing you save to the back end the whole steps in on send. (local validation does not cancel the need to back end validation)

If you want even better practice, use a service to hold the data. Look at this

angular.module('myApp', [])
.service('notesService', function () {
    var data = [
        {id:1, title:'Note 1'},
        {id:2, title:'Note 2'},
        {id:3, title:'Note 3'},
        {id:4, title:'Note 4'},
        {id:5, title:'Note 5'},
        {id:6, title:'Note 6'},
        {id:7, title:'Note 7'},
        {id:8, title:'Note 8'}

    return {
        notes:function () {
            return data;
        addNote:function (noteTitle) {
            var currentIndex = data.length + 1;
                id:currentIndex, title:noteTitle
        deleteNote:function (id) {
            var oldNotes = data;
            data = [];

            angular.forEach(oldNotes, function (note) {
                if ( !== id) data.push(note);

If you care about the user input in each step and want to keep it for him/her for multiple sessions, you may save the input data in the client side temporarily until finishing all the steps.

also read all this blog

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Thanks for your answer @aladdin-homs, the reason I want to save to the server between steps is so that I capture the data in my wizard even if the user abandons the process. The only mandatory step of the wizard is the very first step, the additional steps are optional questions/actions. I will explore using a service for my needs, but my initial question remains; How to best implement the progression through the steps of a wizard while maintaining browser history (so browser back/forward buttons work) AND do a PUT to my back end between each transition. – jevonearth Oct 30 '12 at 17:10
I can see your point, but then I can't help you – Aladdin Homs Oct 31 '12 at 2:17
@jevonearth how do you succeed your implementation? I'm in the same situation, we are building a multi-step form, and after each step the info must be saved, because it is a large form, and the user can stop in any point (after the first one). – Fabrício Feb 5 '14 at 17:09

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