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If I have a clustered index on a table is it safe to delete, and if I do, does it leave the table ordered the same way it was while indexed?

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It's always safe to delete technically, but whether it makes sense in a design/architecture/performance prespective we can't say.

The data will remain in the order on disk until update/inserts happen, but please don't rely on that at all, ever. Output is only guaranteed whan you use an ORDER BY in the outermost SELECT

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thanks. i am performance testing a copy of a production database. i want to delete all the indexes in the current database (creating a non-indexed baseline) and re-apply my own index script until i figure out the best performing indexes. – djangofan Aug 21 '09 at 15:55

If is safe to delete it (as long as data integrity is concerned and the index is not UNIQUE).

When you delete a CLUSTERED index, the table becomes heap organized (i. e. the table rows are not a part of a B-Tree anymore), and all other indexes are rebuilt to refer to RIDs instead of the index value + uniquifier.

Note that the table is not "ordered" initially. When you issue this query:

FROM    mytable

, the rows are not guaranteed to come in the index order unless you use ORDER BY clause.

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