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I can't figure out how i can combine my LIKE search with grouping it by date and a category in DQL..


I have a search function that search my events after weight.. it looks like this:

SELECT e as event,
     (e.name LIKE :searchterm) THEN 10
      ELSE 0
   END) +
      WHEN (e.name LIKE :searchtermFull) THEN 5
      ELSE 0

 AS weight

  \Entities\Event e

  e.name LIKE :searchterm OR
  e.name LIKE :searchtermFull

  ORDER BY weight DESC

This works fine, but now i want to have these searchresults grouped by year and date (not time) so my items is grouped like this:

27 jan:

  • event 1
  • event 2

28 jan:

  • event 3
  • event 4

And i also need to do is to get it grouped my categories so i in the end will have:

27 jan:

  • Category 1
    • Event 1
    • Event 2
  • Category 2
    • Event 3

My Database event table:

  • name varchar(255)
  • description varchar(255)
  • created datetime
  • place_id int(11)
  • eventdate datetime
  • organiser_id int(11)
  • created_user_id int(11)
  • category int(11)

My Database category table

  • id int(11)
  • name varchar(255)
  • description varchar(255)

I have a Event Entity and a EventCategory Entity and what the EventCategory does is just to bind the category id on to the Event Entity

--Update - my sql so far--

    YEAR(e.eventdate) as year, 
    MONTH(e.eventdate) as month, 
    DAY(e.eventdate) as day, 
    count(*) as total 
FROM `events` as e, `eventCategories` as c 
    e.category = c.id

ORDER BY eventdate ASC

The DoctrineExtensions is included by writing this in the autoloader:

$classLoader = new Doctrine\Common\ClassLoader('DoctrineExtensions', ROOT.DS."library"); $classLoader->register();

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You need to use date functions DAY, MONTH or YEAR (Mysql) Doctrine as is does not support these functions so you need to write your own (DQL functions) or install this library

Group records by year, month

WHERE ... GROUP BY YEAR(eventdate), MONTH(eventdate) ORDER BY eventdate ASC

Group records by year, month and day

WHERE ... GROUP BY YEAR(eventdate), MONTH(eventdate), DAY(eventdate) ORDER BY eventdate ASC
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Thanks for your reply.. I have installed the DoctrineExtensions like you said, but when i try to do a GROUP BY year statement then i get: "Error: Cannot group by undefined identification or result variable." .. see what sql i try to do in dql in my post above.. –  Saggo Oct 30 '12 at 18:10
have use DoctrineExtensions\Query\Mysql is in the top of the document –  Saggo Oct 30 '12 at 18:28
Your raw sql works for me, can you show your DQL with grouping? –  olegkhuss Oct 30 '12 at 20:44
I would also suggest to do a simple DQL, just to check (something like: SELECT eventdate GROUP BY YEAR(eventdate)) –  olegkhuss Oct 30 '12 at 20:45
In my DQL i have: SELECT eventdate FROM \Entities\Event e GROUP BY YEAR(e.eventdate) But it still says: Error: Cannot group by undefined identification or result variable. –  Saggo Oct 31 '12 at 8:01

You don't need to write your own function or install third party library. Since datetime is stored as string, you can use Doctrine's function SUBSTRING() to extract certain part and group by it.

For example:

SELECT SUBSTRING(e.eventdate, 1, 4) AS year FROM … GROUP BY year;
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