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I started to get this error while launching eclipse:

The procedure entry point JVM_SetNativeThreadName could not be located in the dynamic link library jvm.dll

I reinstalled jre and set the classpath and then reinstalled eclipse but to no avail.

Kindly guide me through this error.


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Looks like it might be this, in which case I'd suggest trying JVM 7u4 or later (


I stumbled on this problem with my own (not eclipse's) native launcher based on the Janel project. My particular case was caused by a bad-uninstall leaving jre/client/jvm.dll behind. This particular jvm.dll didn't have the JVM_SetNativeThreadName, though jre/server/jvm.dll did. The solution was to remove the old client directory and use the server jvm.dll.

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For me it was quite easy to solve:

In my "PATH" variable was only listed the jre not jdk path. After adding this it worked fine again.

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