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I need to include a #define at the top of around 300 .c files. I would prefer not to change the code as it is open source code but if I have to I will just write a script to modify all the files. Is there a way using gcc to add a #define or header file include to the top of every source file during compilation? The #define is this:

#define malloc MYmalloc
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I suppose most of these .c files directly or indirectly #include <stdlib.h>. Hmmm... –  aschepler Oct 29 '12 at 18:55

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You can pass -Dmalloc=MYmalloc to the gcc options.

For more information about the -D option:


Note that if you want to modify the behavior of malloc function for debugging purposes, you may also be interested in glibc malloc hooks:


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Thanks ouah, I'll try this out and I think it will solve my problems. I know about the malloc hooks and LD_PRELOAD solutions but they aren't suitable to my situation. Either way its good to mention it for other viewers. –  Will Brode Oct 29 '12 at 20:30

gcc option -D:

-D name
    Predefine name as a macro, with definition 1.

-D name=definition

so, in your case, gcc ... -Dmalloc=MYmalloc

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If you strive for redirecting malloc() calls to a custom function I would rather recommend to provide your custom code via pre-loading of your implementation at runtime. See this question for details.

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