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Fastest way to learn Zend Framework?

I'm looking to apply to work for a company over my winter break. They apparently rely heavily on latest of zend framework 1. For me to get the position, they suggested I create a project using the zend framework. I was thinking something along the lines of a simple blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions for learning the zend framework 1? Whenever I search, I find information on zend framework 2.

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Here is a really good, and free, online book/tutorial by Pádraic Brady about Zend Framework 1, and best practices in using it: SurviveTheDeepend.

Pádraic is a core contributor of ZF1 (and 2), and creator of Zend_Feed_Reader/Writer and writes a lot about security in PHP applications. His blog is definitely worth reading.

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ZendCast is a fantastic resource to learn ZF1.

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