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I have a solution with 3 layers




In layer C, I have the interface IRepository which has two implementations, RepositoryX and RepositoryY.

In layer B, I have the interface IController and in layer A I have a class named Foo. Now I know I can control which implementation of IRepository gets injected into a dependency by using a contract name or export metadata.

In an implementation of Controller, I am able to say I want RepositoryX or RepositoryY and that works.

In class Foo which is in layer A, I have a dependency for IController which gets injected. How can I control in class Foo which implementation of IRepository my IController will get?

I would be looking for something like:

class Foo  
    public IController MyController { get; set; }

Which would inject an IController which has itself a repository of type RepositoryX injected in the import property of the controller.

Is there a way to do this without having to define 2 controllers which are identical except for which type of Repository?

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As you said, your implementation of IController defines which repository it uses with the appropriate Import attribute. Whether your implementation of IController uses RepositoryX or RepositoryY is known at compile time, and so importing IController will give you the IController implementation that uses the repository that was specified at compile time.

You can't ask for an IController implementation that uses the repository of you choice, but you can make the repository a property so you could import the repository you want in your Foo implementation and set it in your controller:

class Foo
    public Foo(IController myController,
               [Import("RepositoryX")] IRepository repository)
        myController.Repository = repository;
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My problem with this solution is that it breaks my layer's encapsulation. For this to work I must have a reference in my highest layer A, to the interface defined in the data layer C. I guess if I follow the Dependency Inversion Principle my interface should be in layer B, but that's not my case. – Gilles Oct 30 '12 at 12:05

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