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Anyone have a way to pretty print JSON output from jbuilder?

I can pretty print JSON generated within a controller action with something like:


but once I pass off to a jbuilder template, I'm not aware of a way to have that output pretty printed.

Right now, my action method's render statement is simple:

render formats: :json    

And this successfully forces a rendering with jbuilder, regardless of input format type specified (which is my desired behavior).

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I think this is simpler,

@package = Package.first

json = JSON.parse(@blog.to_json)


 "title"=>"Package Title",
   "description"=>"Joe's comment"},
    "caption"=>"mountain climbing"},

Or, the quicker one-liner,

PP.pp JSON.parse Blog.first.to_json
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Agreed, this is much cleaner than the workaround I originally used. –  idStar Sep 7 '13 at 7:53
Yep, and there's probably nine other ways to accomplish the same task. –  westonplatter Sep 8 '13 at 4:38
Awesome dude. I know this comment isn't any informative the way community wants it to be. However, I am keen to know know of any links that I can do some short-cut magic on terminal related to rails? –  TheMouseMan Dec 20 '13 at 17:22
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I found a way to do this:

 json_string = render_to_string formats: :json    
 json_object = JSON.parse(json_string)     
 render :json => JSON.pretty_generate(json_object)     

Again, this assumes there is a jbuilder template for this action, which will create the initial json, which gets rendered to a string, back into a json object and then passed to pretty_generate().

It's a bit circuitous, but it works. I'm of course, totally open to tighter implementations!

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# config/initializers/jbuilder_prettify.rb
require "jbuilder"

class Jbuilder
  # Allows you to set @prettify manually in your .jbuilder files. 
  # Example: 
  #   json.prettify true
  #   json.prettify false 
  attr_accessor :prettify

  alias_method :_original_target, :target!

  # A shortcut to enabling prettify.
  # Example:
  #   json.prettify!
  def prettify!
    @prettify = true

  def target!
    @prettify ? ::JSON.pretty_generate(@attributes) : _original_target

# app/views/api/v1/users/show.json.jbuilder
json.prettify! if %w(1 yes true).include?(params["pretty"])

json.( @user, :id, :name, :created_at, :updated_at )


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