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I have a form with different input fields like text field, dropdowns, and a multiselect listbox. The multiselect listbox does not add to the database. Please help

 <form action = "A.php" method ="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

                      <p>`Job Description:
                        <select name="DutiesDesc[]" size=5 multiple="multiple">
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF1']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF1']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF2']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF2']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF3']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF3']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF4']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF4']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF5']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF5']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF6']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF6']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF7']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF7']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF8']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF8']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF9']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF9']?></option>
                            <option value="$Arow['TextF10']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF10']?></option>`

The following part is A.php

    //Check if selections were made
    if (isset($_POST['DutiesDesc']))

        $SkillsArray = $_POST['DutiesDesc'];
        foreach($SkillsArray as $key =>$value )
            $Sentence = join(" ",$value);

    $StartDate = clean($_REQUEST['StartDate']);
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You have to do an insert query in your foreach loop.

foreach($SkillsArray as $key =>$value )
    // Insert query goes here

Also your listbox values are not parsed by PHP.

<option value="$Arow['TextF1']"><?php echo $Arow['TextF1']?></option>

should be

<option value="<?php echo $Arow['TextF1']?>"><?php echo $Arow['TextF1']?></option>
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Thanks for your reply. I changed the listbox value to php. But it doesnt insert into the database. The reason I have $sentence = join(" ",$value) inside the foreach loop is because I want to concatenate the selected options into a string and insert them along with all information from textfields into the database using one select statement. Im fairly new to Php. I really appreciate your assistance –  user1783675 Oct 30 '12 at 9:19
it seems like when the user selects options from the listbox, they dont get stored in the DutiesDesc[] array. –  user1783675 Oct 30 '12 at 9:33
It works now. Thanks Fluitkel –  user1783675 Oct 31 '12 at 9:10

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