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I have created a LWRP (my first time) but it doesn't seem to work as required. I am not sure if I am missing something or did something wrong. The opscode documentation is horrible. I have show my code below:


puts "FOO"

def restart_process
  @svc = Chef::Resource::RestartProcesses.new(new_resource.name)
  Chef::Log.debug("Restarting services according to the box")
  notifies :run, resources(:execute => 'restart-storm')

puts "BAR"

action :restart do

  execute 'restart-process' do
    command <<-EOH
      echo "-------Executing restart process--------"
      #Some bash code


actions :restart

attribute :name, :kind_of => String, :name_attribute => true

def initialize(*args)
  @action = :restart

Recipe from which the resource is called

template "#{install_dir}/####Something" do
  source "someSource.erb"
    ###Some variables

  notifies :run, 'nameOfCookbook_nameOfResource[process]'

nameOfCookbook_nameOfResource "process" do
  action :nothing

The chef output shows FOO BAR but it doesn't print anything inside my bash script. So it doesn't run the bash. Any pointers?

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Don't you need to tell the instance to run the action :restart


restart = nameOfCookbook_nameOfResource "process" do
  action :nothing


I know you've set the initialize to say restart but I think passing action :nothing overwrites that so either force it to run when you want by following the above example or within the template part notify the actual action you want as such

notifies :restart

By running this myself I saw an action of :nothing executed on the resource only. Not the default behaviour which in my case would have been :stop

By changing the notification to :stop it had the expected behaviour.

My understanding from the log is you have told your resource to run but it's action is :nothing so it does nothing.

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Edited. notifies :restart instead of notifies :run should work – PatrickWalker Oct 30 '12 at 17:05
Cool, this worked. Thanks :) – noMAD Oct 30 '12 at 21:09

Make sure that your

notifies :run, 'nameOfCookbook_nameOfResource[process]'

in template actually scheduled to run. (Using debug output, for example). Because if file already exists there, nothing will be done and so the restart too.

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