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I wrote a small component which dynamically loads a package on run-time.

So I've got some group project with my main project (exe) and some packages (bpl). Now I want to use in all of them the unit from my exe (Datamod.pas).

So in some unit's uses list of my package I'm adding Datamod and I want to access that datamod at runtime. Everything compiles, voila.


As I debug the code - the instance of Datamod class in bpl is not nil, but it gives me an AV as I'm accesing it. What am I missing? Should I export Datamod.pas to other package and make other packages use that package? Why it gives me an AV?

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No, you cannot access your program's unit from dynamic package.

Move datamod.pas to another package and then link it in your program and other packages. It will be accessible and it won't cause the AV.

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