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here is the thing:

I'm trying to do something. I'm using Isotope to create my new portfolio. Im my UI, i have a menu to select the 'jobs' by category.

My idea is: When somebody click on 'Web Category' the 'Web Category' divs go to the top.

Example of my HTML:

<div class='jobs brand' data-category='a'></div>
<div class='jobs web' data-category='a'></div>
<div class='jobs graphic' data-category='a'></div>

My jQuery + Isotope:

   $('.brand, .graphic').attr('data-category', 'b');
   $('.web').attr('data-category', 'a');
   $('#container').isotope({ sortBy : 'category' });

This was my way to think in that the buttons change the data-category, so when the Isotope calls the 'sortBy', put the divs in ascending order (using a and b as reference).

Anybody knows why this is not working or anyway to sort the items putting the category that i want on the top?

Thank you.


I found the solution that i needed

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i'm using very basic calls here, so, i really don't know why is not working –  Advan Sant'Ana Shumiski Oct 29 '12 at 21:22
please write your answer into the answer field and accept it, instead of editing your own question –  johannes Nov 5 '12 at 17:35
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