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I see websites like Wufoo that give every new customer a way to register their own subdomain on their site (ex https://mystuff.wufoo.com) What are the benefits of doing this? I'm specifically curious about technical pros and cons of this approach.

Why not do https://wufoo.com/mystuff ? Is it just aesthetics?

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Can't speak for technical (besides needing a wildcard SSL certificate) but whenever a site gives me my own subdomain it seems like I matter more. –  TheZ Oct 29 '12 at 21:03

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An obvious drawback that I should have spotted. If you do https://hostname.com/mystuff that means that mystuff cannot be used for internal use. This is going to be causing issues with your page names like https://hostname.com/pricing <- pricing is taken and users will not be able to register this name...So it is inconvenient to both users and developers.

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