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Here my FQL request :

$fql_url = 'https://graph.facebook.com/' . 'fql?q={"friends":"SELECT+uid,third_party_id,name,sex,pic,work+FROM+user+WHERE+is_app_user+AND+uid+IN(SELECT+uid2+FROM+friend+WHERE+uid1=me())",' . '"friends+of+friends":"SELECT+uid,name,sex,pic,work+FROM+user+WHERE+is_app_user+AND+uid+IN(SELECT+uid2+FROM+friend+WHERE+uid1+IN(SELECT+uid+FROM+user+WHERE+is_app_user+AND+uid+IN(SELECT+uid2+FROM+friend+WHERE+uid1=me())))"}' . '&' . $access_token;

When all user have a "public" friends list, all is fine. But if someone's friends list is set to "private" then it crash.

{ "error": { "message": "Can't lookup all friends of 593606920 due to user's privacy settings.", "type": "NoIndexFunctionException", "code": 604 } }

How can I "ignore" private friends list and only take all other ?

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I had the same problem and I found a workaround for that. You have to save the uid of all your app's users in your DB.

Then, here is my solution:

$all_friends = array();     

$friendsAppUsers = $facebook->api(array('method' => 'friends.getAppUsers'));
$allAppUsers = $this->getAllUsers();

foreach ($friendsAppUsers as $friendUser) {
    // Add this friend to my list
    $all_friends[] = $friendUser;

    // For each app user, I put it in my list if
    // - he is a friend of my friend
    // - he is not already in my list
    // - he is not my friend
    // - he is not me
    foreach ($allAppUsers as $appUser) {

        if (areFriends($facebook, $appUser, $friendUser)) {

            if (!isInArray($appUser, $all_friends) &&
                !isInArray($appUser, $friendsAppUsers) &&
                $appUser != $user_id) {

                $all_friends[] = $appUser;

I didn't put the source of some small functions like "getAllUsers" or "isInArray", but I think you can code it :)

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