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I've been working on outlook imports (linked in exports to outlook format) but I'm having troubles with encoding. The outlook format CSV i get from exporting my linkedin contacts are not in UTF-8 so letters like ñ are causing an exception in the mongoid_search gem when str.to_s.mb_chars.normalize is being called. I've deduced that this is because when a string is returned by mb_chars (when ruby 1.9 is used as per the docs: http://apidock.com/rails/String/mb_chars just below first code example). I guess this is a bug in the gem but regardless i am advised to sanitize the data no matter. My implementation(s) thus far:

File Picker using their new community supported gem to upload csv. I tried three encoding detectors ( and transcoders):

ruby port of a python lib chardet - basically sucked, had python code leftover that prevented it from even running in my app

rchardet19 gem - detected iso-8859 with .8/1 confidence. I then tried to transcode with Iconv. Crashed on "illegal characters" at a ñ

a gem Charlock_Holmes (https://github.com/brianmario/charlock_holmes). This detected windows-1252 with 33/100 confidence (i assume thats what is actually is and rchardet got iso-8859 because this ones based of that). This gem uses ICU and has a maintained branch "bundle-icu" which supposedly allows it to work on heroku. When i try to transcode using charlock, i get a U_FILE_ACCESS_ERROR. It is a icu error code meaning "could not open file"

Anybody know what to do here?

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Ruby 1.9 has encoding built in, have you tried:

s.force_encoding 'utf-8'

mb_chars is a wrapper for ruby 1.8, so you shouldn't need it.

See duplicate

how to convert character encoding with ruby 1.9

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