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I have a Google Maps map on my web site, but when using it with a Microsoft Surface tablet, the "pan" gesture is intercepted by the browser -- it tries to go to the next browser window. How do I allow the pan (drag event) to be ignored by the browser so the map behaves normally? Going to, the map is perfectly dragable, so there must be a workaround that Google employs.

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Did you actually get this to work correctly? I am still facing the same issue and have tried applying the touch-action CSS rule on all elements with no luck. – Mark May 20 '15 at 2:28
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According to MS's guide on "Pointer and gesture events" (here: you need to add a CSS class to the element you want to disable panning on with the "-ms-touch-action" rule set to "none" like this:

    -ms-touch-action: none; /* Shunt all pointer events to JavaScript code. */
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