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I need to make git svn diff produce diffs that are basically line-for-line equivalent to a diff produced by svn diff.

I'm quite familiar with various scripts, like git-svn-diff.sh, that will make the patch compatible with svn, but where the diff is ambiguous, the two diff engines often differ, and I need to normalize this. Basically, I need git svn diff, svn diff, and svnlook diff (for a svn pre-commit hook) to all produce exact-same patches (modulo translation), and as far as I can tell, since I can't override svnlook's diff engine, I am stuck using the internal diff engine for svn.

That's fine, except there doesn't seem to be a tool that comes with svn that will let you diff two files with the internal engine. I see that the source code has a tools/diff/diff.c, but no binary is distributed. Am I stuck distributing this tool myself, does it exist and I missed it, or can I make a pre-commit hook produce a patch for a transaction using a different diff engine?

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The various git-svn-diff scripts out there all seem to have issues. I could find no other way however. This is the best I could come up with so far (but I found today that it occasionally strips the whitespace between ---/+++ and the file name, though I didn't have time today to finish debugging that, otherwise it appears identical to my other svn diff tests): gist.github.com/rage-shadowman/6325382 (disclaimer: my gist, though forked from somebody else's). Feel free to fork and fix. –  Shadow Creeper Sep 11 '13 at 7:26
Actually my script was forked from the one you linked to, which was the closest I could find to the actual svn diff output before I cleaned it up and fixed all the problems I could find (then I saw 1 more issue this morning which still needs to be fixed). –  Shadow Creeper Sep 11 '13 at 7:32
Found the bug in my git-svn-diff script. It was an issue with new files and has been fixed. It now works perfectly as far as I can tell and I've been using it to generate patches from my git-svn project for our Crucible code review server that is backed by our SVN server. I can see no differences in its output and the output of svn diff. If you find any, please add a comment to my gist page and I'll try to sort it out. –  Shadow Creeper Sep 18 '13 at 0:07

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