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I would like insert dynamic variable on my Messages. For example : @Messages("social.feed") work good. But I would like have more specific variable : @Messages("social.feed.1") @Messages("social.feed.2") @Messages("social.feed.3")

So i try : @Messages("social.feed."+@Javavariable) but this don't compile. @Messages("social.feed.+"@Javavariable") compile but write : social.feed.@javavariable

Thank you very much !

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may be you should have tried @Messages("social.feed."+Javavariable) without an @ infront of the javavariable. –  techastute Aug 6 '13 at 20:31

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I found how do it : You have to use javascript adding html for example : $(".interestNameFriend").text(Messages("interestNameFriend."+interestId));

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