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I am writing a program that prints colored lines, and the more I do with it the more I find myself working around line wrapping issues that come up.

It is a sort of terminal written in php, here is the prompt:

$return = readline("\033[44m\033[1;37m{$this->text}>>\033[0m ");

and scrolling through history, the non-printing characters play havoc on everything.

If I try to add escapes

$return = readline("\[\033[44m\033[1;37m\]{$this->text}>>\[\033[0m\] ");

then it prints the brackets...even if I add double backslashes.


I find the same thing for echo -e, I am really not sure whats going on.

Lastly, if I modify PS1 it works just fine.

[mike@crest ~]$ export PS1="\[\033[44m\033[1;37m\][timer]>>\[\033[0m\] "

What am I missing here?

Edit: the coloring/display is not the problem. The problem is that bash will have line wrapping issues when invisible characters are printed without escapes...and when I add the escapes they are printed in plain text under all circumstances but PS1, and I'm not sure what the difference is, how to get it working in PHP.

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php 1.php



$return = readline("\033[44m\033[1;37m[TIMER]>>\033[0m ");


Here is dialog example added

dialog --title "Welcome" --msgbox "\nMY TEST DIALOG \n\nPress <Enter> to continue or <Esc> to cancel." 10 50
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Unfortunately the problem I am having is not a coloring or printing issue, but a line wrapping issue. If I scroll through history, the prompt becomes 11 characters off. If I type 21 characters and then press backspace, it begins deleting the previous line. This is on a console that is 57 columns wide. – Mike Fairhurst Oct 30 '12 at 15:47
I think I understand the issue, to be honest using colours even in a shell script, once the line hits the end of console width a new line with the colour set from above is generated. Have you though of using dialog I am sure it would work through php script too – vahid Oct 31 '12 at 14:41
That is not the issue either. Colors are just fine. the issue is scrolling through history, the text gets misaligned. For instance, if I run 'list', then 'checkin', then scroll up twice, this is what I get: [timer]>> checkin list (thats ten spaces in between) and scrolling down gets me [timer]>> checkin checkin – Mike Fairhurst Oct 31 '12 at 15:58

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