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I have no idea what this is even called, so I can't really find a question on it.

It's quite simple, I'm writing a program, and my friend gave me some bits for something. (It's hard to explain)

They are: 0x00 0x01 and 0x04

Basically, if a boolean isn't true, I want 0x00 and 0x04 to be added together to make 0004 (4), but if it is true, have 0x01 and 0x04 added to make 0104 (104)

How do I do this? :s

I'm not sure about all the operators, I've tried |, <<, >>, everything that I know, not really knowing what to do, none work.

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  int falseValue = 0x00;
  int trueValue = 0x01;
  int number = 0x04;
  boolean bool = true;

  int result = ((bool ? trueValue : falseValue) << 8) | number;

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0x00 0x01 and 0x04 are hexadecimal numbers.you are trying to do hexadecimal addition.

String a= Integer.tohexString(0x00);
String b = Integer.toHexString(0x01);
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