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Is there a function like asctime_s() that works for SYSTEMTIME structures in windows?

I need to convert a type of SYSTEMTIME to a string. Then append the string product onto another string. Then finally convert the final string to type of LPCWSTR

All of the properties of the SYSTEMTIME are WORD types.

I think I need to convert the WORD types to wchar_t types and then concatenate them to get the string of SYSTEMTIME. How do I do this conversion and concatenation?

Once the final string has been built how can a LPCWSTR type be made from it?

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Use GetTimeFormatEx or GetTimeFormat if you need to support Windows XP to format a SYSTEM time to a string.

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thanks shf301, this makes it much easier! I would like to have a complete date-time string, should I use GetDateFormatEx in conjunction or is there another function that does both? –  FunkyFresh84 Oct 30 '12 at 0:08

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