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I was trying out a simple histogram


the histogram has frequency equal to 2 for -2 to -1 for the above code.

I am not quite getting how R places the values inside the interval in the plot that it gives. I mean, here shouldn't the frequency (y axis) be equal to 1 all the time, since there are no repetitions?

Also, I didn't quite get how the range works, is it upper bound inclusive / lower bound inclusive or..?? [,) or (,] or [,] or (,) ..?

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All your questions can be answered by reading the help file for hist, help('hist') or ?hist

There are arguments include.lowest and right which both default to TRUE

Quoting from the help


logical; if TRUE, an x[i] equal to the breaks value will be included in the first (or last, for right = FALSE) bar. This will be ignored (with a warning) unless breaks is a vector.


logical; if TRUE, the histogram cells are right-closed (left open) intervals.

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