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I'm using a System.Windows.Forms.TabControl. I'm using it for a touch screen interface, and when there are a lot of tabs in the TabControl, the scroll arrows on the right side of the top of the TabControl are too small to touch. How can I resize them to make them larger?

edit: I have Multiline set to false, to enable more screen space for my application. If I need to change this back to true, please let me know!

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Multiline would probably be the best bet here. Alternatively, you could make two buttons of your own, size them to the desired size and bind them to the following:

Left (or down in pages):

if (tabControl1.SelectedTab != tabControl1.TabPages[0])
    tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabControl1.TabPages[tabControl1.SelectedTab.TabIndex - 1];

Right (or up):

if(tabControl1.SelectedTab != tabControl1.TabPages[tabControl1.TabPages.Count - 1])
    tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabControl1.TabPages[tabControl1.SelectedTab.TabIndex + 1];

I just utilized two buttons and I can page accordingly and control their style.

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