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I'm noobish to coding. I set up a MYSQL database called contacts, a table called contactstable with fields id, firstname, lastname, emailaddress,postalcode and phonenumber. Each are text or varchars except for the id, which is an auto_increment, pk field. The connection doesnt give any errors, and no error is relayed through the mysqli_connect_error() method. They query doesnt go through and no query is executed. I cant figure out why.


      <h1>Register with Us!</h1>

      <h2>Registration Complete!</h2>
      <div class="feedback-container" <?= isset($_REQUEST["first-name"])? "style=\"display:block\"": "style=\"display:none\""; ?>>

          $firstname = $lastname = $emailaddress = $postalcode = $phonenumber = NULL;

          if (isset($_REQUEST["first-name"])){
           $firstname = $_REQUEST["first-name"];
           $lastname = $_REQUEST["last-name"];
           $emailaddress = $_REQUEST["email-address"];
           $postalcode = $_REQUEST["postal-code"];
           $phonenumber = $_REQUEST["phone-number"];

           $dbconn = new mysqli();

             echo "Connection Failed";
             echo "Connection Established";

           $query = "INSERT INTO 'contactstable' ('firstname', 'lastname', 'emailaddress','postalcode','phonenumber') VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$emailaddress', '$postalcode', '$phonenumber')";             

           if ($dbconn->query($query) == TRUE){
              echo ("Thank you for registering with us. We will shortly send a confirmation email to $emailaddress.");
              echo ("<p>Your contact information was not added to our database. Please try again later or contact our webadmin at webadmin@gmail.com</p>");



When it runs, it outputs the following: "Connection Established" "Your contact information was not added to our database. Please try again later or contact our webadmin at webadmin@gmail.com" There are no error messages. There is no data updated.

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What does $dbconn->error say the problem is? –  Rob Oct 30 '12 at 2:59
please don't post unrelated code, such as css. –  Dagon Oct 30 '12 at 3:02

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I'd make this

  $query = "INSERT INTO 'contactstable' ('firstname', 'lastname', 'emailaddress','postalcode','phonenumber') VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$emailaddress', '$postalcode', '$phonenumber')"; 

look like this

  $query = "INSERT INTO contactstable (firstname, lastname, emailaddress,postalcode,phonenumber) VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$emailaddress', '$postalcode', '$phonenumber')"; 
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query should look like this.

    INSERT INTO `contactstable`
 (`firstname`, `lastname`, `emailaddress`,`postalcode`,`phonenumber`)
 ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$emailaddress', '$postalcode', '$phonenumber')
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Use backticks if you want to quote your field names.

$query = "INSERT INTO `contactstable` (`firstname`, `lastname`, `emailaddress`,`postalcode`,`phonenumber`) VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$emailaddress', '$postalcode', '$phonenumber')";

Also you can use " if you set SET sql_mode='ANSI_QUOTES'


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