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My clients are given a URL with a parameter at the end and when they click on it the URL looks like this


I want to assign 1223324 into a session and carry it across the website till the utm_content value is different. If the value is different, I want to carry that new value across the website.

What Im trying to do

Im trying to grab the utm_content value and carry it across till the user submits my contact form. I am adding utm_content to the contact form submission so it comes across to me. If the user clicks on another link with a different value, i want to replace the current utm_content id with the new one so the new ID comes across to me through the contact form

My PHP Code

$getTrackingCodeCurrentURL = $_GET['utm_content'];


    if($getTrackingCodeCurrentURL != $_SESSION['getSSourceId'])
        $_SESSION['getSSourceId'] = $getTrackingCodeCurrentURL;
        echo "Session NOT the same : " . $_SESSION['getSSourceId'];

        echo "Session SET TO same : " . $_SESSION['getSSourceId'];

 } else {

    $_SESSION['getSSourceId'] = $getTrackingCodeCurrentURL;
    echo "Session not set : " . $_SESSION['getSSourceId'];



When the visitor goes to another page, the getSSourceId doesn't get carried across. I think because it assigns the $getTrackingCodeCurrentURL value (which is NULL when the visitor goes to another page) to $_SESSION['getSSourceId']. How can I prevent this from happening?

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Put everything inside if (isset($_GET['utm_content'])) { –  air4x Oct 30 '12 at 3:11
Thanks Heaps. That worked! –  nasty Oct 30 '12 at 3:13

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This is all I needed


    $_SESSION['getSSourceId'] = $_GET["utm_content"]; 
    $getTrackingCodeCurrentURL = $_SESSION['getSSourceId'] ;
    echo "IS SET : ".$getTrackingCodeCurrentURL;

 } else {

     $getTrackingCodeCurrentURL = $_SESSION['getSSourceId'] ;
    echo "NOT SET : ".$getTrackingCodeCurrentURL;

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