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I have a sprite that I use to display a few images. I am trying to swap the sprite image on hover using just CSS.

.sprE {
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url(/i/fW.png);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
height: 30px;
width: 30px
.sprE:hover {
background-image: url(/i/fC.png);
cursor: pointer
.comply {
background-position: 0 0

<span class="sprE comply"></span>

It works fine in FireFox but not in IE... I'm sure I could get it to work with a bit of jQuery but before I go that way i thought I'd explore all CSS options.

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What version of IE do you need to support? – Oct 30 '12 at 3:47
Doc type related? – Oct 30 '12 at 3:49
Hmm... it could be the doctype. My current document has <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> I'll try the strict one. – santa Oct 30 '12 at 4:18
This should work just fine. See works fine for me in IE. What version are you using? – davehale23 Nov 1 '12 at 3:33
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Yes, it was DOCTYPE related. I changed it to strict and it worked.

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