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I have setup Erlang in Eclips , but somehow it's not able to make .beam files and execute code.

Here are the details of my Run Configuration.

Setup 1

Setup 2

Setup 3

Setup 4

when I am running inside Eclipse Console I am getting following Error:

Eshell V5.9
(erlide@Sujoy-VAIO)1> c(geometry).
geometry.erl:none: no such file or directory
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The compiler does not find your source code.

Not sure, but I think you should define your source code directory in the variable "working directory" in the run time configuration panel.

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You skipped the screenshot with "Code path" tab and I believe that's where the way to fix this issue is.

By the way I'd highly recommend using basho's rebar to compile Erlang projects instead of relying on IDE. Also I'd recommend to check out SublimErl as an alternative to Erlide.

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