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So I was trying to update my old app to fit the iPhone 5 screen. I followed the instructions on this thread. I created a lauch image "Default-568h@2x.png" for the iPhone 5. Tested it on simulator, the app resized automatically to fit the 4-in screen. But when I tested it on my iPhone 5, the app was still letterboxed. When the app launched, the launch image was still the old 3.5-in one, not the 4-in one I added.

I also tried setting the UIViewAutoResizingMask, but still no luck. So the same code works perfectly on simulator, but not on my iPhone 5. Can anyone help?

Any suggestion/comment is appreciated! Thanks!

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Have you tried to delete the app in your iPhone, clean all the targets in Xcode?

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I did deleted the old app on my iPhone, and cleaned several times... – Jing Oct 30 '12 at 3:59

Maybe you could check in your projects "Build Phases" if the picture is in "Copy Bundle Resources"

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