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I'm trying to write a very simple markup language in PHP that contains tags like [x=123], and I need to be able to match that tag and extract only the value of x.

I'm assuming the answer involves regex but maybe I'm wrong.

So if we had a string:

$str = "F9F[x=]]^$^$[x=123]#3j3E]]#J";

And a regular expression to match:


How would we get only the ".+" portion of the matching string into a variable?

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It's called capture groups. Your regex incorrectly looks for ^ start and $ end, and the .+ is too greedy. * See also Open source RegexBuddy alternatives and Online regex testing for some helpful tools, or for a nicer tutorial. – mario Oct 30 '12 at 4:05

You can use preg_match to search a string for a regular expression.

Check out the documentation here: for more information on how to use it (as well as some examples). You might also want to take a look at preg_grep.

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Following code should work for you:

$str = "F9F[x=]]^$^$[x=123]#3j3E]]#J";
if (preg_match('~\[x=(?<valX>\d+)\]~', $str, $match))
   echo $match['valX'] . "\n";


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