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I am trying to implement Picture Zoom In/Out and Picture Scroll on Meego/Qt/QML.

I have written a class A which is inherited from QLabel.

A::A( "parent" )

Now I have a Controller class B. This class is responsible to handle the events from QML to the my Class A. In my controller class I have instantiate in the following way.

B :: B()
 a = new A();
 proxyWidget = new QGraphicsProxyWidget();

Since this is a QML based application I am handling events from QML.

For Zoom I have used PinchArea. Whenever I am getting PinchUpdated event I am setting the setGeometryof the QLabel accordingly. I am zooming in and zooming out.

For scroll I have used MouseArea with onPositionChanged event. However I am unable to scroll the label event after calling the scroll API of the QLabel.

Can someone please tell me where am I doing wrong?

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I assume you want to zoom using mouse scroll for instance.

I am not good at QML but you certainly should be handling wheel events in your class A. It is not clear for me if every Qt event has a QML equivalent, but you can always put C++ code. The function to implement is :

 virtual void wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent * event );

You have the delta variable which can be useful to determine the speed of zoom (using delta absolute value) and whether it should grow or shrink (using sign of delta)

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Zoom is working fine. My problem is with scrolling. If I create a scroll area it is showing scroll bar which I don't want and I need to use scroll bar to scroll it . I need drag on the screen and QLabel should move which is not happening. I have used scroll api but it doesn't work – user1592280 Oct 31 '12 at 14:11
you still need to use wheel events. But I am going to update this answer. So you want to change which portion of the image is displayed when the user scroll? – UmNyobe Oct 31 '12 at 14:14

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