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I observe that MDM providers are now following a new process for APNS certificate creation.

They are not asking users to upload csr file for signing, instead they provide ready to download a signed csr file that can be directly uploaded to apple's portal for APNs certificates.

I would like to know if I can create a common signed csr for all and give a link for download OR it needs to be dynamic per organization.

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Theoretically you could do this, but you probably shouldn't.

First a slight clarification: MDM vendors ask you to create a key-pair and CSR. You then upload the CSR to the vendor's site. The vendor then signs the CSR and gives you back the signed CSR. You take that CSR and upload it to Apple who then gives you a certificate that you can use for MDM APNs notifications. This way, only you (and not the vendor) ever know the private key for your APNs credentials.

To send APNs notifications requires a public/private key-pair set of credentials that Apple recognizes. While you could give different organizations the same credentials, this is not good practice. If you were to do this, then one group could send notifications to devices they do not manage. Furthermore, if Apple ever decided to revoke the credentials due to a problem with how one of the groups was using the APNs, then this would affect all your groups. If one group ever leaked the private key, this leak would affect all the groups.

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Thanks rlandster.. I understand its not a good idea to do so.. To verify: I think now MDM vendors do not ask for csr file uploading.. they right away provide a signed csr to download and can be used to upload it on apple apns portal. Am I correct? –  Manmay Oct 31 '12 at 7:31
Although I am not familiar with every MDM product, if a vendor is providing a signed CSR for you to upload to Apple, maybe this means your local install of the MDM application generates the CSR for you, sends it to the vendor to sign, and then returns the signed CSR to you, all of this done inside your local MDM application. This would certainly be consistent with keeping things simple for the end-user (you) and keeping your private key away from the vendor. –  rlandster Oct 31 '12 at 10:18

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