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I have a static site in Sphinx and a ton of illustrations. Is there a simple way to integrate lightbox and generate thumbnails automatically?

 .. image:: picture.jpeg
    :lightbox: true
    :width: 200 px
    :alt: alternate text
    :align: right
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No way I know of, though it might be a good candidate for creating a new extension.

Also, you might be able to do something similar just by modifying your template to include your favorite javascript lightbox-y image viewer, though that wouldn't handle generating thumbnails.

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I made a dirty hack solution and paste it here because I'm not sure I want/have time to maintain it. It extends Figure class (to add text below) and abuses download_reference node. It also overrides in non-documented way the app.add_node method (which birkinfeld should have named set_node)

It generates a thumbnail and makes Sphinx put the original image in downloads.

You still need to add jQuery & FancyBox in your templates.




.. fancyimage:: img/exit_jam.jpg
    :fitwidth: 100
    :fitheight: 100
    :alt: cool
    :rel: tst
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