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Let's say, I have a form:

<form action="test.php" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="myinput" value="3" />

This is my filtering and testing with Crawler:

$client = static::createClient();
$crawler = $client->request('GET', 'test.php');

$filter = 'button';
$buttonNode = $crawler->selectButton($crawler->filter($filter));
$this->assertEquals(1, $buttonNode->count()); // this works

$form = $buttonNode->form(); // This shows error "LogicException: Unable to submit on a "input" tag."
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I couldn't get the symfony2 testclient to submit a form without an submit button. You either use something like selenium, sahi or zombie.js for this tests or add a input submit button which you then hide with css. –  Sgoettschkes Nov 6 '12 at 10:49

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I think that the problem will be in the definition of the button. I will rename it just for the sake of better understanding and add the type there:

<button type="submit">SubmitLabel</button>

Then it should work like this I think:

$client = static::createClient();
$crawler = $client->request('GET', 'test.php');

$buttonCrawlerNode = $crawler->selectButton('SubmitLabel');      
$form = $buttonCrawlerNode->form();
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You need to find a way like my question.

Or it's just for one test and not many test you can use casperJS

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