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How many item render instances will be created for a flex data Grid , which has 200 rows of data and only 50 are visible at one shot. To see next 50 you need to scroll . Can someone give an explanation of the number as well ?


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Flex DataGroups use virtualization, meaning only visible items are rendered.

Per Flex 4: Understanding DataGroups and VirtualLayouts

DataGroups allow you to do something called Virtualization. What that means is, if you have an ArrayCollection with lets say 50 items in it and your DataGroup is only showing 10 items at a time, then Flash Player will only render 10 visual elements on the screen and as you keep scrolling up or down, those renderers will be recycled within each other. In other words, there will only ever be a few visual renderers created based on the size of your visible component.

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