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I had checked some apps on iTunes, in supported devices some were showing "Optimized for iPhone 5" & in some it was normal iPhone 5. Is there is differecne between this two.

How iTunes will comes to know whether app is optimized for iphone 5 or not.

My app is running well on iPhone 5 simulator. Is that means my app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Edit: I have not tested my app on device. On simulator bcoz of the small screen size I have to scroll to see the entire screen. How can I optimize my app for iphone 5.


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Optimized for iPhone 5 apps are the one which are utilizing the complete screen area in iPhone 5. Normal apps are still compatible with iPhone 5 with a black strip available on top and bottom of the screen to compensate for extra screen space. You need to include Default-568h@2x.png in the code for getting full screen in iPhone 5. And of course you need to handle all the screen changes programmatically for iphone 4 and iphone 5 since iPhone 5 has more height. Without adding Default-568h@2x.png it will show a black strip on top and bottom of the screen in iPhone 5 to show the app with same size as of the app which is available in iPhone 4. For more details please check How to develop or migrate apps for iPhone 5 screen resolution? In order to see the app in simulator, go to hardware menu -> Device -> select iPhone (Retina - 4 inch) and run your app. Once the simulator is launched like this, you can press command button + 2 or 3 to make it smaller so that it fits your screen. You dont have to scroll that way. To make it back to the larger view press command + 1. The same thing can be changed through window menu -> Scale option.

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App optimized for iPhone 5 takes all screen, others have two black bars up and down.

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make sure "4-inch Retina" is selected in the emulator. –  lqs Oct 30 '12 at 6:54
@jan267 - is that mean when I run my app on iPhone5 device, it will show black bars upside down like it shows 1x in iPad. Can't I check on this on simulator. –  Jitesh Oct 30 '12 at 6:59

Run app on iOS simultor, In the menu open Hardware > Device > 4-inch retina. If there are no bars, then your app is optimized for iphone 5.

PS: Also try rotating the simulator if you have optimized your app for 4 inch screens. (In case you have such functionality in your app).

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Please selected: "Don't use asset catalogs" and then add launch image in Supporting Files.

Naming convention of launch image would be:

  • Default-568h@2x.png (640*1136) 4 inch iPhone

  • Default@2x.png (640*960) 3.5 inch iPhone Retina display

  • Default.png (320*480) 3.5 inch iPhone non-Retina display

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