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I have web page with submit button, after submit the page when the user press F5 to refresh the page it'll do the thing which was done by last request.

I have omit this by redirecting again the same page in submit_click function in C# Code behind itself.

but i feel it'll create some performance problem when number of user's hit is increase.

I have tried Server.Transfer also. but both of them is not right solution to protect against the problem.

Is there any solution to over come from this problem?

Thanks to all.

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You can use the Post/Redirect/Get Pattern to minimize the issue of form resubmission.

However this is not fully secure.There is still a chance that the user might resubmit the form by clicking the back button and again reloading.The browser confirms before resubmission though.

Useful aricle.

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You can try to add a value to the button that is used to submit the form, for instance value="isClicked".

Before handling the the request you can check if that button has a value.

if (Request.Form["answer-thread"] != null && String.Equals(Request.Form["answer-thread"], "isClicked"))

 var answerText = Request.Form["answer-text"].ToString();
.... do your form logic. 

when refreshing the page the button will be empty. Hope this works for u

Best Regards Henrik

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