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I have a javascript function that I need to call on click of the delete button -


function test(var1) {

JSP code (logs is an ArrayList of length 10):

for(int i=0; i<len; i++)
    <td><%out.println(logs[i].getItemDesc()); %></td>
    <td> <input class="submit" type="submit" value="Delete" onclick="test(<%logs[i].getItemName();%>);"/></td>


This will print the output as -

Name1        Description1       Delete_Button

Name2        Description2       Delete_Button



Name10        Description10     Delete_Button

I am not getting how to send the correct itemname value to the JavaScript, when I click on a corresponding row's delete button. Currently I am getting the value as undefined in the JavaScript alert when I click any of the delete buttons.

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Apart from the JavaScript part: Do you really use JSP code like that? Have you ever heard of <c:foreach/>? I would avoid <% %> in all my code. – Michael Piefel Oct 30 '12 at 7:20
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Thank you.. That worked !! – Student Oct 30 '12 at 7:03

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